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Worst insurance company ever

They refused to pay after I had an accident and their reason was that they had to have Proof of what kind of insurance I signed up for but I had lost the paper work that they sent me right after I signed up with them. So they never did pay me for my van that was totaled out

Apple Pay Coming!

Good move! Let’s add Business Chat to the mix!

This app is useless

So for starters, the camera doesn’t work at all even with the access to camera on. Secondly, the agent stayed on the phone through this experience and decided to just send a guy out. My car was already broken into and destroyed. I shouldn’t need more trouble. Just call them directly this app is dumb.

Waste of time

I spent many many hours on the phone, got quotes, on phone and in email. Scheduled my current provider to stop my policies. I don’t have any previous accidents or claims. When calling back the quotes were good but they told me I needed to get a letter and answer questions before staring. There is absolutely no reason for this and no indication I needed to until after me calling my current provider and scheduling a stop. So, I had to cancel the cancelation of my first provider like a fool. Unknowledgeable staff, very poor customer service, misinformation, and false quotes. Serious doubts on how they would handle me as a customer if that’s how the treat a potential buyer. Saving money means nothing if the service provided isn’t any good.

Very disappointing

Most inefficient claim process ever! It took us 2 1/2 weeks to get hold of a rep who was assigned to our claim.

Total trash company

My boss got this trashy insurance. Last week one of my coworker car broke down requested a tow service taken 4 hours. Their process alway make mistake and their towing company are scammers. Over the phone they said the tow required $69 they don’t cover extra mileage so that fine in the beginning. But by the time the tow arrived they request for $300. This happened at San Jose at 3/23. Their attitude was rude like money greedy. Today I m requested roadside service for a blowed tire for change tire. Those mf took 3 hours and not even here. What wrong with them?!


I have to change my password every time that I login! The app. Shuts down while I’m using it and the cycle begins again!!! Nothing but frustration and no help on app. except to continue to change your password!! Download it only if you really enjoy being frustrated!!!

App is awesome.

I like it so far, I love that I can chat online right there if anything, I used it, works flawlessly! And making payments is so easy! And your info right there on hands very nice app to have.

App times out and you lose everything

This has happened multiple times to me now... way to be convenient. Terrible app.

They messed my driving record up!!!!

Don’t get this insurance company!!!!! A lady hit and ran my car and I had made a police report and sent it to progressive insurance company and they paid the lady that hit me $3,000 and she didn’t call the police or make a report but they still paid her. Don’t go with this insurance company they will screw up your driving record and screw you over. Tell others about this if you are reading.

Website isn’t US Mint

I love the insurance policies I have had with this company for over 6 months but I have yet to be able to set up my account online. I tried. I’m 75 years old so got my tech savvy daughter to try! She tried and tried and tried and nothing was accepted. This is ridiculous! Haven’t you heard of ‘kiss’? Keep it simple stupid? Why does the password have so many don’t do this and maybe that and who knows what else? CHANGE IT!

Very pleased.

I have Emerald status with Progressive. During the course of the years I have had with Progressive, they have been very professional and very prompt with taking care of me and my car when I have had an accident. I couldn’t be happier.?


This app is trash. I had to cancel my old policy and start a new policy due to moving out of state and now all of a sudden I can’t use the app because It only recognizes my old policy and not my new one despite me putting in my new policy number.

I went back

I bought my first brand new car, 2014 CRV after my husband passed. Unfortunately in April Of that year I had my first accident at 74 years old. I was extremely pleased with the way progressive handled all aspects of the accident where the opposing party claimed Extreme physical damage with me going 20 miles an hour. I did switch because my insurance rates were increased, and I expected that. And this year went back because I was so pleased with their concerned about me and making sure I was OK. (And they gave me a better rate!)

Deceitful thieves

Quoted me $164 then 2 months later upped it to high $200s because they told me that they had given me all the discounts they offered for the services. That was my new price after discounts. Mind you I had no idea that was the case. One month later my bill is $387. I called and they told me they actually CHARGED me for not taking up the other insurance policies they covered. Home. Rental, etc. I was never told anything when I signed up. THEN, they backed up my payments and charged me for the balance of the first month I started. THEN, after all the charges were added up my account immediately went into cancellation. My husband and I $900 to prevent our insurance being cancelled.

This app does NOTHING

This app Does Absolutely Nothing Useful Every time you tap something it tells you to contact your insurance agent

Claim reporting is extremely frustrating

You have a great concept, but having the app time out after writing a very detailed narrative of the accident is extremely frustrating.

Love this app

This app makes managing your insurance policys soooo easy and convenient. And if you have any questions you can chat with someone right through the app and they respond quickly!

You had ONE job

Couldn’t even load my ID card, which was the main reason I took time to download and set up the app.

Worst insurance company in the world

My parked car was hit by a drunk driver, I have uninsured motorist property damage coverage, my claim was denied because I wasn’t able to get a plate before he took off. We had eye witnesses and a police report but they said they’re not required to pay the claim.

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